You’re a star Natasha, thank you.
I don’t get colds very often (last one was October 2013) largely I believe because I eat a healthy diet and do lots of good things to support my immune system, but I woke one morning recently with a sore throat and knowing that I had a cold on the way. I was surrounded by it at work so catching it was probably inevitable. Natasha advised me to take vitamin C, zinc, black elderberry, eat chicken soup, avoid sugar and to take it easy, 48 hours later I was feeling 100% better – sore throat gone and having completely avoided the runny nose and streaming eyes that I would normally always succumb to after the onset of the sore throat.

Your help has been fantastic...
I’ve had a positive week and can already feel the benefits of changing my diet already. Your help has been fantastic and I really appreciate it.
“Having found I had a yeast intolerance and then realising it was in just about everything (!), I consulted Natasha. She was so helpful in making sense of what I could eat and how to add other things into my diet that would provide me with the right balance for my requirements. Always happy to answer my many questions and send me recipes as well as to give advice on email after my consultation, I found her extremely supportive amongst a sea of bewildering new proteins, whey powders and oils! Within a few months I felt a lot better with some really tangible physical results.”  Nicky

“Honestly, I know its your job, but the amount of time and care you have put into this is amazing. Thank you!” Anon

Thank you so so much for all your help & guidance yesterday!! It was such a pleasure to meet you & I really feel motivated/inspired with all the knowledge & guidance you have shared with me so far. Thank you also for getting back to me so quickly with your recommendations!! Feeling super positive about it all & really looking forward to the whole experience & the next appointment, your help was definitely what we needed, thank you!!” Anon

After recovering from an illness I contacted Natasha as I wanted to learn more about what food is good for me, and what I am best avoiding. I needed educated! I could then also educate my family. Before meeting Natasha she had already through her questionnaire got an idea of what help I was looking for. Therefore, our first meeting was very informative and extremely useful. I am enjoying following her recipes that she has given me (love the muesli and curry), and I now feel more organised going food shopping and am not just randomly selecting products. I really like Natasha, she is a lovely calm individual, who has totally understood what I am looking for and has helped me through our meetings, links to websites, books and emails.” Anon

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