Arcobaleno Room Rental

Arcobaleno room rental has 2 rooms, each offering their own unique features.

Room 1 described as calming is at ground level. The room has a desk and 2 chairs.  More chairs are in the waiting area.  3.6m x 2.9m

Room 2 has many possibilities. It has a massage bed and a desk and 2 chairs. The massage bed back rest can be adjusted to an upright position. It also a more comfortable chair for therapies that need more of a reclining position. 3.8m x 3.45m.

Both rooms would be able to hold work shops, pilates or yoga classes and functions.

Toilet facilities available.

Tea and water facilities available.

WiFi available.

  • Daily room rates

  • Fixed weekly, fortnightly time slots, minimum 3 hours

  • Ad hoc slots

Room 2

Room 2

Room 1

Room 1

Please contact me to find out more.