Nutritional Therapy Prices

Vita Bella Packages

This is designed to help you get the most out of nutritional therapy. Many people think one session is enough and usually it is not. There is quite often many changes to be made and to do them all at once is hard. Attending a few sessions in a short period of time will give you the most benefit. This approach means different body systems can be tackled and recommendations can be adjusted according to how you progress. After the Vita Bella packages you will have enough tools to be able to apply good nutrition throughout life, even when it becomes challenging. You can even opt for some shopping trips with myself or some cooking training depending on the package you choose.

You can opt for 1 consultation on its own. I will cover a lot of information in this consult and will give you the most amount of information in the time given. If you feel you need a top-up then you can choose to opt for a single follow-up or even sign up for one of the packages.

Individual Consultations
First consultation £90 (60-90 minutes)

Follow-up consultations £60 (45-60 minutes)

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Children under 14

First consultation £45

Follow-up consultations £25

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 Vita Bella Packages

1 first consultation plus 3 follow ups – £150

1 first consultation plus 4 follow ups – £170

1 first consultation plus 5 follow ups – £190

First appointment is 90 minutes then the follow ups are up 45 minutes each. Follow-ups can be by Skype.

Follow-ups are advised to be taken at regular intervals between each other and cannot be left more than 3 months between each one, unless discussed. Appointments will be booked  preferably in at the first consultation.

Espresso Package

Food diary analysis and basic introduction to nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. Less tailored however gives you a ‘shot’ at starting a healthier diet and lifestyle.

£45 (up to 60 minutes)

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I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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