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Nutritional Therapy

First appointment – £60 (60-90 minutes)

Follow-up appointments – £50 (60 minutes)


Wellbeing Coaching

£50 per session (60 minutes)

Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

Nutritional Therapy looks at a person’s overall diet, health history and lifestyle habits and then assesses what changes can be made to optimise health and wellbeing. The focus is looking at nutritional requirements and adjusting diet and lifestyle to make overall improvements in health. It can be for anyone and can support different areas of health. For more information visit here.

Appointments range between 60 to 90 minutes, health, nutrition, diet and lifestyle will be discussed in detail. Recommendations are made in a consult and also afterwards. I like to support clients when they leave the consultation, so encourage them to stay in contact during appointments. A course of sessions is usually advised as changes take time.

Wellbeing coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and focuses on 8 aspects: nutrition, movement, lifestyle and pace, finances, relationships, environment, life purpose and emotional health. Some areas usually need more attention than others and when addressing that people usually find they improve their overall wellbeing. Coaching is about you coming up with the answers, my job is to ask the right questions to assist you in the process. I usually recommend 6 session, fortnightly.

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