Nutritional Therapy

I offer an initial individual consult which are 60 – 75 minutes long depending on the requirements.

At this appointment I will gather information from you through your completed health questionnaire and food diary. I will make some general recommendations. My follow up appointment are 60 minutes and after 1-2 weeks after the first consult, I recommend we meet again where I will give specific advice after reviewing what we have discussed. 

My packages of care start at three sessions. Packages of care offer flexibility in time, if you would like to have shorter 30 minute appointments this can be applied. Email support in between sessions is also available. 

Initial consultation £85

After that if you wish to continue I offer a package of 3 sessions

3 Session package £230 (saving of £25)


Wellbeing Coaching

Again this is Package of Care setup. Coaching recommends a commitment to 6 sessions. This ables you to achieve your goals and make realistic, achievable changes.

Blocks of 6 session £510

I can see people face to face or on Skype or Zoom.

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