Let’s Talk Nutrition – Schools and Corporate

I give nutritional talks and workshops to schools and business.

I talk annually to two local Edinburgh schools on Nutrition and Success in relation to diet and supporting brain and mood health before exams. The feedback I receive is amazing, children embrace the information and start to up their eggs and avocado’s pre exam season!

From a work point of view, supporting energy throughout the day, less people being off sick and having a happier, calmer workforce are great advantages for any employer. Nutrition can really help with all these issues. Talks, workshops or 1:1 consultations can all be adapted to the organisation’s needs.

An initial chat is recommended about requirements and then the talk or workshop can be tailored to specific needs.

Feedback from schools:

“They certainly got a lot from your talks – we would love to work with you again and will be in touch in the new academic year”

“Thank you so much for putting together a thoughtful presentation and handout for our pupils. I think you pitched it at exactly the right level and gave them plenty of sound but also reassuring advice. I am so pleased you got in touch and it is a great addition to the Citizenship programme.”

Please contact me to find out more.