Workshops and Presentations

Nutrition and Success

I present informative talks to schools on eating for exams and helping them optimise brain performance through nutrition.

I currently speak to pupils in schools in Edinburgh. The talk explores how the brain works and what nutrients are needed to enable it to function well. I also explore lifestyle habits that may support the brain and mood in the lead up to important exams.

The sessions are interactive with a group exercise and tastings to make it fun and invoke interesting discussions around food.

Pupil feedback:

80% of the pupils spoken to said they would make changes to their diet, Some changes were: eat more fish, eat less sugary foods, eat more colour and eat breakfast.

When asked what they enjoyed most about the talk they said:

“The presentation, engaging pictures.”

“The team exercise.”


“Learning about the different food groups and the impact they have on the brain.”

Student Nutrition

This talk is geared towards either students at school about to enter University or at Uni students. I discuss the importance of nutrition and nutrients. I also talk about cooking tips, equipment, hygiene, looking after yourself and shopping tips.

Good Nutrition

A talk on basic nutrition and again the importance it has on the body and mind. Detailed look at nutrients and how to apply putting these into everyday meals. This talk has been tailored for Senior 1 pupils however can be adapted to the audience’s needs.

Nutrition and Lifestyle – Guidance and Pearls

This was designed for Edinburgh College students. It is a bumper packed presentation on nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise, relaxation, the stress response and supplements. This again can be adapted for the audience. It contains many of my pearls I have picked up in my nutrition journey.

Lunch and Learn

Supporting the health of the workforce in most organisations is important. Nutrition can play an important role. I can come in and speak to employees on a variety of nutrition topics. Lunch and learn is a suggestion where I can come in while employees lunch and I present a nutrition workshop.

An initial chat is recommended about requirements and then the talk or workshop can be tailored to specific needs.


“They certainly got a lot from your talks – we would love to work with you again and will be in touch in the new academic year.” Fettes College

“Thank you so much for putting together a thoughtful presentation and handout for our pupils. I think you pitched it at exactly the right level and gave them plenty of sound but also reassuring advice. I am so pleased you got in touch and it is a great addition to the Citizenship programme.” George Heriot’s School

“Thank you for your fab talk today. We really enjoyed it and learned lots of new information.” The Edinburgh College

Please contact me to find out more.