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I am Natasha, owner and nutritional therapist at Arcobaleno.

Nutritional therapy is a talking therapy and it is important to listen to clients. This is a skill I am naturally good at. I give clients time to tell their story as well as give them professional nutritional advice. I am also caring and relate easily to others.

As a mum of two teenagers I have over the years developed a hobby for cooking from scratch. When I started studying nutrition my cooking and eating habits changed and this enhanced my passion for food and cooking. I am always experimenting with food however still have firm family favourite recipes that are not only nutritious they taste good as well. I am currently working on fermenting foods, with some success and a little failure and similarly trying out dehydration of foods. These techniques are a new extension to my knowledge and skills.

Like many other nutritional therapists I came to nutritional therapy through concerns about my own health. I also wanted to start a new career, previously worked in financial services and then a full time mum, going back to work I wanted to try a different career. Through studying and embracing nutritional therapy my health improved, so did my family’s and even the dog!  Through a combination of  my skills, life experience, knowledge of nutrition and interest in food, I believe I offer a unique and personalised service.

I have to continually expand my knowledge in nutrition as a requirement but I also love learning new topics and expanding my current knowledge.

I chose Arcobaleno as my business name as it means rainbow in Italian, I am married to an Italian and love the country, food and language. Eating lots of colourful vegetables and fruit can be a very good start to gaining optimal health!

Please join me on this exciting journey of colour, food, health and well being.


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As well as writing articles for my blog I also write for Watchfit and Nutritional Resource. I have also been asked for advice by The Scotsman Newspaper on a range of nutritional topics:

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The life of all living beings is based on food, and all the world seeks food. Complexion, clarity, good voice, long life, understanding, happiness, satisfaction, strength and intelligence all come from food’ – Charaka Samhita


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Professional Qualifications
I have a diploma in Nutritional Therapy through the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I am a member of the following regulatory bodies: BANT and CNHC