29 Jun

Keeping Hydrated in the Summer


Hydration Summer Smoothie

The hot weather over Europe and actually here in Scotland(!) this week means it is important to keep hydrated. 

What are the signs of mild dehydration?

Sluggishness, feeling tired, overheated, feeling faint and nauseous.

How to monitor?

Check the colour of your pee, if dark yellow you are probably dehydrated. It needs to be a clear colour. 

How to avoid becoming dehydrated

  • Drink water and or herbal teas throughout the day – aim 5-8 glasses. If you struggle with water on its own, add lemon, strawberry, orange, cucumber or fresh herbs such as mint for flavour. Cool herbal teas down in the fridge and again add some lemon or fresh mint to enhance flavour.  Add some local honey to a cooled herbal tea.
  • If Apps are your thing use one to track and remind yourself to drink. An analogue way of tracking would be putting an elastic band round your wrist, every time you look at it, it’s a reminder to drink some water.
  • Eat vegetables and fruit for their water content.
  • Soups, stews, dishes made with sauces are also ways to get liquid into the body. Soups can be cold at this time of year, avocado soup, Jamie Oliver has a recipe here. 
  • At breakfast add fruit to porridge, oats or cereal, add dairy or non-dairy milk increasing the liquid.
  • Drink water first thing in the morning on awakening.
  • Snack on raw vegetables such as carrot, celery and peppers.
  • Drink smoothies for breakfast or snacks.

Hydration Summer Smoothie (serves 1-2 – add more liquid to increase quantity)

Cup of frozen berries

1 banana

250ml non-dairy milk

2 tbsp of milk kefir or plain natural yoghurt (optional)

Add to a blender and blend.