28 May

Out The Wrong Side of the Bed….

For some reason one day last week I woke up in a bad mood. I had a good sleep. So was not sure why. I went to the gym and it escalated because my earphones didn’t work, something to do with Bluetooth, technology quite often triggers me! Silly but it didn’t help. Part of the gym experience is my music, if I don’t have it, I struggle to keep motivated. My mood became worse. I wanted to go home.

What I did?

My training as a Wellbeing Coach has helped me change my mind set. It has helped me become more aware of how I feel and how that affects my behaviour. Here are the steps I took to reverse my grumpiness:


The first thing I did was adapted my workout, I did half cardio and half weights, somehow I don’t feel the need for music so much doing weights. During one of my coaching session I realised sometimes I can be inflexible with myself. Recognising this has made me more aware. Adapting to situations when they don’t go to plan improves the way you can feel about something.

Exercise to Improve Mood

I ran, cycled, rowed a little faster, using up the pent up grumpiness and letting it all flow out in the exercise.


Mindfully, I paid attention to people in the gym, people-watched, listened to the noises, became aware of my environment and started not to miss my music.

Distraction with Imagination

I imagined throwing my earphones across the room and standing on them. Using my imagination distracted me from becoming low about it, I saw the funny side. I heard about this on the Dr Chaterjee Podcast channel, episode 60.

Got it off my Chest

When I returned home I vented a bit to my son and daughter about my earphones, sharing my woes helped me get it all out my system. They looked at me as if I was making a bit of a deal, and I was. Reality check!

Green Tea and Chocolate

Next I sat down cup of green tea and dark chocolate. Green tea contains L-theanine, this is an amino acid found in protein and helps make a brain chemical that has a calming effect. Dark chocolate is a treat. More food ideas for mood click here.

Nature and a Dog

Finally and what really put it away was I took the dog out for a walk. I enjoyed watching her smelling the grass and trotting along. I took in the greenery and breathed and at that point I felt a whole lot better.

Darcy on a walk in Nature

These are some tips that might help but if you feel you can’t shift it then that’s ok and it is also ok to ask for some help from a professional.

What do you do to help yourself to get out of a bad mood?