02 Jul

Help with Healthy Eating – tips to make it a bit easier

Eating healthy can sometimes be challenging on our time. If we find the excuse that we have no time then it can get in the way of helping us achieve our health goals. I  find increasing my vegetables has made my cooking easier. They don’t actually take long to cook. The preparation can sometimes be fiddly but once that is done its a matter of sticking in the oven or steam frying in a pan. You can add them to sauces and use in casseroles, soups and curries. I have listed some tips below that I either use or advise to clients:

Healthy Eating tips

  • Turn your favourite music on when you start to cook, whatever gets you in the mood, for me it could be something up to date like George Ezra or some Frank Sinatra or last night I opted for Lionel Richie, having seen him in concert I totally understand why he blew everyone away at Glastonbury. Having Sonos helps but the radio is just as good!
  • Buy pre-cut fruit and vegetables when pushed for time.
  • Protein powders can be useful to have in the cupboard to add to breakfasts or smoothies. They are easily absorbable  forms of protein that can help you reach your requirements.
  • Batch cooking is one way to assure you are ready for eating healthy throughout the week. Check out my blog for some recipes.
  • Cook extra the night before for lunches, extra roasted vegetables can be added to salads, extra quinoa can be used for lunch to take into work.
  • Learn some standard salad/vegetable dressing recipes to make food tasty and healthy.
  • If you are buying lunch get to know the lunch salads in the supermarkets or sandwich shops, most provide a good variety of lentil, bean and quinoa salads – choose healthy options.
  • Make breakfast the night before, find a good soaked oats recipe.
  • Tins of beans, lentils and chickpeas are useful to have in the cupboard.
  • Add beans, chickpeas  to pasta dishes to get some extra vegetables and protein into a meal.
  • Soups can be useful to have in the freezer.
  • One pot dishes are great – you can cook everything in one pot, great dishes include chicken one pot with lentils, butternut squash with red lentils, chicken or beef casseroles and cottage pies even curries can be a one pot dish.
  • If you have children, involve them, get them washing the veg or preparing a salad dressing.
  • Invest in some good cookery books – Patrick Holford The 10 Secrets of 100% Health Cookbook is the first book I bought to help me improve my diet, recipes are easy, simple and tasty.
  • Add vegetables to smoothies, kale, avocado, spinach are all good choices

Have you any other ideas that make healthy eating easier?

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