21 Nov

Obesity epidemic and some tips to help with weight loss

Obesity epidemic
Headline yesterday: ‘Obesity
costing the same as smoking’ The Mckinsey global Institute reported about 30%
of the world’s population were overweight or obese and it costs the UK £47 billion a year.
As a nation we need to address these figures and do something about
it. Being overweight and obese leads to chronic health conditions like diabetes,
heart problems and cancer.  The NHS is
stretched enough and unfortunately you can’t be overweight and healthy.
There are many causes of obesity but the main contributors are: diet,
psychological, hormonal and physiological.  Poor food choices, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal
imbalances and psychological factors such as depression and low mood increase
the risk of obesity.
What can you do?
Avoid sugar and
other white refined foods
. Nutritional therapists have been saying for
years sugar is a problem but only now is it being brought to the forefront and
people in high positions realise something has to be done. Reducing sugar,
white refined carbohydrate intake (white bread, pasta, rice, cakes, pastries,
sugary drinks) will help with weight loss.
Replace with wholegrain
food, brown rice, brown pasta, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, brown wholegrain
bread and rye and oats. Try to have a grain free night a week for dinner so
using vegetables as your starchy food.
Be more active. The National
Geographic have studied some places in the world with a number of healthy
people living to over 100 and found that each one of these places known as
‘blue zones’ there is a common theme of activity. This is not running 10k every
day activity this is gardening, walking and generally moving every day for at
least half an hour. Take walks outside, even if it’s raining, dress for it.
Housework can even contribute as activity! Try an exercise class – yoga, Pilates,
aerobics, aqua aerobics, boot camps – whatever suits you, the social aspect
will help with weight loss as well.
Watch portion
do not over eat.
Eat plenty fruit
and vegetables
, full of antioxidants they can help combat the damage being caused
by being overweight.
Increase fibre. Fibre help the
bowels move, if your bowels are slow the liver can get congested because you
are not excreting toxins and waste, looking after your digestion and liver can
help with weight loss.
Drink plenty
water –
approx. 8 glasses a day, this can include herbal teas, soups, fresh
fruit and veg also contribute to water intake
Reduce life load – find ways to
relax, meditate or just be still for 5 minutes a day with no electronic devices
to disturb, take up a hobby, have fun, watch a funny film, laugh!
Chew food at least 20-30
times. This can be tough to start with so at least put your cutlery down while
chewing, be mindful you are eating and concentrate on that. Sit at a table and
do not watch television.
You can still
have sweetness in your life, love, laughter, family and friends to start and
for healthy snacks and treats I will be posting recipes here and if you want
any further information drop me an email.