What to Expect When You Work With Me

From my experience when working with clients it is valuable to have the time to tell your story. I listen carefully to your health journey and concerns. My approach is holistic and through my breadth of skills I am able to offer you a holistic, mind and body package.

I offer packages of care. From experience working with many clients, making changes and improvements in your life in areas such as nutrition, sleep, more time to relax and/or move, you need ongoing support and encouragement. This enables you to have time to put changes in place. It gives you a chance to say what is working and if anything isn’t. I can then adjust your programme. It also is a good way to set accountability.

As an example, I wanted to set myself an exercise programme at the start of the year. I had been thinking about it for a while but hadn’t done anything. Two things that made me do it and stick at it was having someone to go with and setting it as a goal when I was being coached myself. I now go 3 times a week to the gym and feeling fitter and stronger for it, accountability works.

These are my areas of expertise and what is involved with each one. My training enables me to offer you a comprehensive and holistic approach.

Nutritional Therapy

  • 1stconsultation plus follow ups
  • Analysis of health questionnaire and food diary
  • Identify nutritional imbalances and deficiencies
  • Personalised recommendations – nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, books, podcasts, recipes, cooking tips
  • Testing advice and services
  • Supplement recommendations

Wellbeing Coach

  • 6 sessions
  • 8 Element Life Wheel
  • Goal setting
  • Powerful coaching questions
  • Accountability setting
  • Exercises
  • Specific coaching i.e. bereavement
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs
  • Identify core values and this creates a basis for creating wellbeing
  • Incredible cross referral network
  • Identifies the underlying cause of being ill and assist you to deal with it

Currently Training with the Chrysalis Effect in ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia

  • Explain the 6 phases of recovery and identify which phase you are in
  • Explain predisposition to ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia
  • Help you to identify early warning signs and coping mechanisms
  • Explain how you may have become unwell and how other symptoms followed

Lastly, I am a learner, I love it! I love to enhance my knowledge and experience to support you to feel better and live well. As a learner I appreciate knowledge is power. I will explain to you why I think something is happening in your body. I will equip you with knowledge and understanding so you can too live a life full of vitality and happiness.