About nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy aims to achieve optimal wellness in clients by investigating, nutritional imbalances through analysing diet, lifestyle and well being choices. Tools such as an in-depth health questionnaire, food diary analysis, discussion at consultation and depending on choices, testing are used to create a whole picture of the person and their health.

A key element of nutritional therapy is that it looks at the whole person. Identifying any dietary and lifestyle imbalances helps me create a personalised nutritional and lifestyle programme. This is tailored to your specific needs, circumstances and goals.  I teach you how to apply healthy eating and lifestyle strategies at home ensuring you take responsibility for your health and well being after you have seen me so life long changes can be applied.


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What a session typically involves

Before the first consultation I will ask you to complete a health and nutrition questionnaire and to complete a food diary. During the consultation we will review and discuss the questionnaire and food diary. I will evaluate your individual needs and develop a personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme.

Supplements are advised depending on the individual’s health and circumstances. Functional testing is also available. Common tests are: food intolerance, stool testing, adrenal stress tests, thyroid, cardiovascular profiles, allergies and hair mineral analysis tests, again this is dependent on the individual.

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